Lakeside Fire-Rescue was created on February 1, 2023, with the integration of the Milton Fire Department into the Edgerton Fire Protection District.  Both Milton and Edgerton Fire Departments have a lengthy history of their own, which we will include here. 

The Edgerton Fire Department was officially started in the year 1885, two years after Edgerton became a Wisconsin city. The members were part of a fire company, while the station and equipment were owned by the City of Edgerton until May, 1992, when the Edgerton Fire Protection District was formed via an inter-governmental agreement between the City of Edgerton and the surrounding Towns of Albion, Fulton, Porter, and Sumner.

Prior to the formation of the City of Milton, the two villages of Milton and Milton Junction each had their own fire department.  The Milton Fire Department was started in 1899. The Milton Junction Fire Department began in 1909.  When the two villages became one village called Milton, the two departments became one. 

Here are their stories...