Edgerton Fire Protection District Burn Regulation Permit

In case of uncontrolled fire, call: 911

Phone Calls to Edgerton Fire Protection District are no longer necessary if these guidelines are followed:

  1. Only clean untreated wood, clean "non-recyclable" paper products and vegetation may be burned. Recycling and composting of those materials is strongly encouraged. Burning should be your last alternative.
  2. Burning of plastic, recyclable paper, and cardboard, garbage, asphalt, treated or painted wood, rubber or oily substances, or structures of any kind (barns, sheds, homes, etc.) is illegal.
  3. Fire must be attended at all times and be totally extinguished before you leave.
  4. You must also comply with city/town ordinances, which may be more restrictive than state law.
  5. Open burning of any waste generated by businesses and commercial entities are not allowed under any conditions.

Additional Restrictions

  • Don't burn without fire fighting tools such as a shovel, rake, water hose and buckets of water or Class A Fire Extinguisher at the site of the burn.
  • A non-combustible firebreak of 5 feet should surround the material to be burned.
  • Don't burn if the wind is stronger than 12 miles per hour as indicated by the National Weather Service. Please visit www.weather.gov/
  • Keep the size of your fire small. If you have a larger pile of brush or other materials to burn, consider starting a separate fire and putting the material on a little but at a time. It may take a little longer, but it is safer.
  • Don’t ever leave your fire unattended, even for a brief period of time! When you are done burning make sure the fire is completely out before leaving the scene.
  • Fire can hold over in roots, stumps or other material and be rekindled at a later time. If that happens, you are still responsible for any costs or damage. Even if you have taken all the necessary precautions, check the site several times a day for several days after burning, just to be sure. There have been instances of fires smoldering for up to a month after they were supposedly put out.
  • Be smoke considerate! Think about how your smoke will affect others and know where your smoke will go before you begin burning!

Any questions about controlled burns, please call Edgerton Fire Protection District at (608) 884-3327.