Photo by Dave Sheen


The Edgerton Volunteer Fire Department Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose purpose is to raise funds to support Lakeside Fire-Rescue and other local organizations. Members of the Association are current firefighters and/or EMTs, and retired firefighters and EMTs who request to remain active members. The Association meets every other month, and periodically organizes fundraising activities, such as pancake breakfasts or raffles, to raise money for special equipment needed for the Department. 

Examples of items bought with the proceeds of fundraisers include AEDs, cardiac monitors for the ambulances, a power-lift cot for the ambulance, and a specialized drone that operates over water for ice and open water rescues.


If you would like to support the fire department, donations can be made at any time by purchasing a T-shirt or mailing a check. 


Thank You For Your Support!